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    How to Tackle a Kitchen Reno and Stick to Budget

    Published on 21 August 2020, Friday, 5:22 PM
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    A kitchen renovation is the DIY job many of us dream of getting around to doing, but never do! There’s something about the perceived complexity of it that puts people off. The plumbing, electrical, tiling and hardware chores can seem too hard – not to mention sticking to a budget.

    But as always, Kennards Hire is here to help you complete the jobs you didn’t know you could do yourself - including this one!

    In this DIY guide, we look at six tips for doing a kitchen renovation on a budget.

    Tip 1 – the scope

    Every project needs a scope - the limits you place on what you plan to do. It’s about deciding what ‘renovation’ actually means in your case. Is it as quick and easy as changing the handles on the kitchen cabinets? Or do you have a complete renovation in mind, with new appliances, plumbing and wiring and cabinets?

    If you’re not doing the job solo, it’s important to get input from partners, friends or family involved. Discuss what you can realistically achieve in a given timeframe. Draw up lists of desired outcomes and sketches or plans for how you want the new kitchen to look.

    Tip 2 – practical considerations

    When you have a rough design of the new kitchen, think about the practicalities. Is your vision of wall to wall stainless appliances and a new gas range too ambitious? Carefully measure the space you have. Is there room for you, the appliances and an island?

    Tip 3 – research

    With a tape measure in hand, visit your appliance and cabinetry suppliers and write down the dimensions of possible appliances. Ask staff how much space there needs to be around the appliance for fitting and safety and add that to the measurement.

    This shopping list could include cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting fixtures and backsplashes. Make sure you will be able to install a heavy wall appliance in your kitchen. You can’t hang a massive double oven on a plasterboard wall for example without a strong stud system behind it.

    Tip 4 – DIY vs professional

    Sure, this is a DIY job and you’re prepared to get your hands dirty. But there are some things you should not attempt to do, because a) you don’t have the skills and b) it’s illegal. Falling into this category are electrical wiring, plumbing and gas fitting. You must have a professional tradesperson do these jobs for you.

    For instance, you can easily remove old cabinets and appliances yourself with a demolition saw and a tipper truck. But installing new appliances that need plumbing and/or wiring must be done by a qualified tradesperson. You should also find out if the cabinetry you want can be installed by someone without experience.

    Tip 5 – budget

    We’ve all seen those reno shows where the contestants go over budget and their plans look doomed: “Will John and Pete win next week’s $10,000 room challenge so they can buy the marble countertop?” Unfortunately, in real life there are no room challenges, so you need a budget!

    You should only do the budget after you have priced fittings, appliances, equipment hire and any professional labour costs. Then add a contingency amount of about 10%. This is in case you realise you need to hire a demolition hammer to level a concrete floor for example or you need the tipper truck for a day more than you thought you would.

    Tip 6 – timeline

    Every project needs a timeline. It could be that you want the kitchen done before the in-laws visit, or before you start a new job.

    Create the timeline on your computer calendar, a whiteboard or in a notebook. What matters is that you include every event that must happen to complete each element of your reno. Like this timeline for the demo phase:

    June 13 Mon

    Buy PPE such as safety goggles.

    Organise delivery of a skip bin for demo waste.

    Book the electrician to uninstall appliances.

    June 18 Sat

    Hire demolition hammer and tipper (Kennards Hire)

    Electrician arriving 9.00am.

    Switch power and water off.

    Remove appliances.

    Start demo.

    June 19 Sun

    Take equipment back to Kennards Hire.

    Skip bin being picked up.

    There are so many things to do before you even get started on installing your new kitchen! The main thing is to think through all the steps each process requires carefully - and make sure you have the right equipment on hand!

    With Kennards Hire’s range of equipment and expert advice, you can enjoy a new kitchen that you love because you did it yourself. Take pride in your DIY skills and plan your kitchen reno with Kennards Hire.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.