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    How to wash your windows like a pro

    Published on 10 January 2019, Thursday, 9:52 PM
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    For most of us, keeping those windows clean is just another job that we put off for as long as possible - and when we do get around to it, you're only left with streaks and smears anyway.

    So how do the professionals do it?

    Follow this handy guide and you'll have those windows spotless in no time - you'll just have to remind your visitors not to walk into them.


    What you will need

    • window cleaning tools and equipment

    A poor workman blames his tools for a poor job - so make sure you have the right tools!

    The most important one is a quality squeegee. Avoid the ones you can pick up from the petrol station and find a good value squeegee by buying one that comes in three parts - the handle, the channel and the rubber. Remember that a quality one will last you much longer than a cheapie, so it's worth paying that little bit extra.

    Hunt down the household bucket, get your hands on a scraper then pick your detergent or window cleaner. The professionals will all have different opinions on the best option out of the two, so just use whatever you have at home! You'll also need a 'mop', also known as a washer or wand, which is the piece you'll use to apply the detergent and lift the dirt.

    Of course, not all windows are at ground level. This is easily remedied however, with scissor lifts or man lifts to get you to the correct height. Talk to the experts about hiring one of these from Kennards as you'll need to make sure you can use them safely and correctly to access those higher levels.

    Actual footage: Hirange window cleaning services using Kennard’s Scissor lift go gain access to a 30+ feet glass in order to properly clean it.

    • window cleaning using a scissor lift

    What to do next

    The rest of the job isn't rocket science.

    Fill your bucket with warm water - if it's too hot, the water will evaporate off the windows quickly and can leave smears.

    Add your chosen cleaning product to the water, and get going!

    Remember that even the professionals have to wipe down the edges for excess water and soap suds, so just keep a microfibre cloth or old towel on hand.

    Don't be tempted to only clean the exterior glass - sure that's where the environment leaves its mark- but indoor glass is just as likely to get dirty with fingerprints and scuff marks. So do the job like a pro and clean both sides!

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