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    Tools you need for a pool operation

    Published on 1 March 2016, Tuesday, 10:17 PM
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    Swimming pools are a great lifestyle feature to find in a home. While some property hunters can be turned away from it due to the associated maintenance costs, it's still a beloved part of many Australian houses.

    12 per cent of Australians had a swimming pool on their property.

    In fact, according to a March 25, 2015 release by Roy Morgan Research, 12 per cent of Australians had a swimming pool on their property. Out of all the cities in the country, Perth topped the list with 18 per cent of its homes having this feature - unsurprising considering the long, searing summers the region endures. Households with kids aged six to 15 were also found to be more likely to have a pool in their homes.

    Swimming pools are one of those projects that occupy an interesting territory. While most people are advised to leave such a large and tricky job to pros, it is still possible for skilled home owners with plenty of experience with DIY renovations to build one themselves, depending on the size of the pool. Whether you're a tradie or a DIY expert with the latest concrete vibrator, there's a large plethora of specialised equipment you'll need for this type of work. Let's take a look at a few of the latest pieces of Kennards equipment you might find useful for this:


    If you're building an in-ground pool, you'll most definitely need an excavator. If you're not familiar with using these machines, they're diggers that are needed to scoop up the earth where your pool will go and create the shape that's required. The type of excavator you will need is dependent on the size of your pool - speak to the friendly team at Kennards to figure this out.

    Crystal Pools says most pools take 3 to 6 months to build, including the consultation process, and having the right machine will help speed this up.

    • Excavator

    Excavators - a cornerstone equipment for many types of construction work.



    When it comes to building a pool, you're going to likely need a range of saws. For instance, will you be having tiles for the floor and walls of your pool? Or perhaps you'll have some around the edge of your pool to provide a dry, safe surface with plenty of traction to walk on. A tile saw might be a piece of kit worth hiring in these circumstances, which will obviously be used to cut the tiles you need so that they fit in place.

    Now remember, as we've mentioned in previous articles, most residential pools in Australia require to have a fence separating it from the main house. In NSW, for instance, all pools built from July 1, 2010, must have a surrounding fence. The fine print with these laws differ depending on which state or territory you're in, so check with your local government before embarking on the project.

    Still, if you're building a simple timber fence or even having a timber deck to surround the pool, hiring out a circular saw will be handy.

    Concrete mixer

    One piece of equipment you'll definitely need for a pool building project is a concrete mixer. After digging the hole, sorting out your plumbing and electricity, positioned your steel reinforcements and completed the other necessary steps, you'll need to pour concrete in to form the structure.

    Having the concrete mixer at the site allows you to mix and apply it long before it hardens. You'll also need this piece of equipment if you're creating a decking area around the pool and need concrete foundations for its posts.

    Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are all sorts of ways you can build a pool, which means there is a huge variety of different equipment you might need. Get in touch with Kennards to hire out the latest and the greatest.

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