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    How to estimate how many toilets you need at your next event

    Published on 8 March 2020, Sunday, 6:45 PM

    Portable toilets are a must have for any large parties, festivals or gatherings. To help keep your guests happy, hiring one or more portable toilets will help your event run smoothly.

    There are two options available when it comes to portable toilets; skid or trailer mounted. Skid toilets are moved and put into position by the branch you have hired it from. Trailer mounted toilets are mounted on to a trailer and can be moved by you, as long as you have a suitable vehicle for towing.

    Portable toilets come with everything you need; a toilet, a pre-filled water tank used for flushing and washing hands, and user group signage. Your toilet also comes with two easy to use foot pumps, one to flush the toilet and one to use water from the sink. All you need is a couple of pumps from each and you’re good to go.

    Gender signage can easily be changed with an easy to use card located in the door that can be flipped around as needed. It is important to note that toilets do need to be pumped out (the waste removed) before being returned or picked up. The team at your local branch can certainly help organise this for you.

    During the planning stage of your event, you will need to know the number of toilets you will need to hire. To do this you will need to answer three questions:

    1. How many people will be attending your event;
    2. How long will you need the portable toilets for;
    3. Is there alcohol involved

    It is important to note that if you will be serving alcohol at your event, then you may need more toilets than you think as people will use the facilities more often when consuming alcohol.

    As a rough guide to how many toilets you would require, see below.

    5 people: 1 toilet and 1 pump out every 2 weeks.
    15 people: 1 toilet and 1 pump out every week.
    30 people: 1 toilet and 1 pump out every day.
    50-60 people: 2 toilets and 1 pump out every day.

    Specialty items such as fully accessible portable toilets are also available to hire, so make sure you enquire at time of booking.