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    How to Prime an Airless Sprayer

    Published on 28 April 2020, Tuesday, 10:45 AM

    Airless spraying machines pump out paint under high pressure. Essentially, they’re like a pressure washer, but with paint instead of water.

    They’re great for uneven surfaces that a paint roller might not be able to cover properly.

    Before getting into painting, you'll need to prime the machine for use. Here’s how to prime an airless sprayer for water-based paint.

    (If you’d like to use another type of paint, speak to the team at your local Kennards Hire branch for advice)

    Safety equipment is a must, including goggles, dust mask, gloves, and coveralls. 

    How to Prime the Airless Sprayer

    Once your surface is clean, you’re ready to prime the machine.

    Use fresh paint that’s well-mixed. Old paint can have a skin on it or lumps that block up the spray nozzle.

    Insert the intake and return hoses into the paint tin. The intake hose sucks up the paint and sends it out through the spray nozzle. The return hose puts any excess paint from the pump back into the paint tin to make sure there’s no waste.

    SAFETY TIP: Before priming the machine put on your safety gloves and glasses.

    Make sure the spray nozzle is locked by pushing the nozzle trigger forward and clicking the lock.

    Make sure the return valve and intake valve on the machine are both turned all the way left.

    Now start the machine and turn the return valve slowly to the right. This primes the hose.

    Next, turn the pressure valve slowly to the right.

    SAFETY TIP: Injecting yourself with paint is a big safety hazard. The paint comes out at extremely high pressure, so always point the nozzle away from yourself and others. Make sure the nozzle trigger is locked in the safety position when not in use.


    If you have any questions about our equipment or need advice on the best equipment to use, the team at your local Kennards Hire branch should be able to help you.

    For more information get in touch with your local branch today.