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    Pruner Pole Saw - Operation and Safety

    Published on 14 August 2017, Monday, 7:45 PM

    In this guide we’ll go over how to safely operate our pruner pole saw.

    There are two types of pruner pole saw available in Kennards Hire. There is a fixed length one, also available in electric as well as an extendable pruner pole saw, which extends out to from 2.4 meters to 3.8 meters.

    When extending the pruner pole saw or working on the saw end of the equipment, always make sure the motor is turned off and the blade is cooled down. Simply loosen the grub screw, and pull the pruner pole out to your required length, and tighten the grub screw nice and tight to lock the pole in place. If you ever go out to full length, always make sure you bring the pole back in a back a little bit extra just to take a bit of stress off the end of the saw.

    The concept in starting up the pruner pole is the same as chainsaws or brush cutters. If you are starting the machine cold, as in you haven’t started the motor up in quite some time, pump the primer three or four times to prime the motor with fuel. Turn the choke switch on, which is located back near the carburator. Like all chainsaws, safety first so you need the trigger action on to hold the throttle on to start the machine. Bring it down the ignition switch to the ‘start’ position and push the trigger action on. With the ignition switch in the on position the throttle will stay in place.

    Before starting the pruner pole saw, make sure it’s up off the ground so the chain’s clear off the ground, because when you start it, the chain spins straight away. Use the pull start chord to get the pruner pole going.

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