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Case Studies


FEB 2019

The Challenge

The famous azure lake, fed by melting snow is an important part of New Zealand’s hydro-electric generation system. Its water levels can fluctuate wildly, depending on volumes released to power the turbines downstream.

After a large quantity was released from the lake, the river level fell leaving hundreds of mature trout trapped in a deep pond at the base of the Lake Tekapo dam wall

Project Challenges: The Right Tools and Timing

Fish & Game decided the numbers warranted a rescue operation. The plan was to net the trout and transfer them to nearby canals and rivers.

To lower the pond, about 3.5 million litres had to be pumped downstream, but the only way to access the site was via the dry and rocky riverbed. Any pump would need to shift the water a long way downstream.

That was the challenge facing S & B Cleaners, contracted to maintain the buildings and grounds of the Tekapo power scheme for Genesis Energy.

Manager Steve Bowers called Daniel Manning, Branch Manager of Kennards Hire at Hornby NZ.

An ordinary pump wouldn’t do the job. Kennards have pumps with high head and flow capabilities which matched the job requirements

How Kennards Hire Came up With a Solution

After discussions with Steve Bowers an 8” auto prime trailer mounted diesel pump was delivered to Lake Tekapo, three and a half hours’ drive from Christchurch.

The pump was set up 30 metres from the pond. The 50cfm auto priming system allowed for fast pump priming, even over this extended inlet line length, and was soon pumping to Steve’s requirements

The Results

Fish & Game were then able to rescue 185 trout.

Steve said Kennards Hire’s advice and response was exceptional, making a challenging job straightforward. “They were brilliant. Dan understood the challenge and devised a solution. Then Jordan came down and set up the pump and showed us how to use it. The whole thing went really well.”

Our pump range can handle a wide variety of applications. Coupled with our industry experience this enables us to devise bespoke solutions for complex jobs. Being a highly technical space, this service and solution focused approach has promoted us to leaders in the pumping industry.


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