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    Pressure Washers

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    Efficient Cleaning Solutions: High-Performance Pressure Washers for Every Task

    Keeping your surroundings clean and well-maintained can be a challenge, particularly on a job site dealing with stubborn dirt and grime. At Kennards Hire Australia, our pressure washers are designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Whether you need a compact model for light cleaning or a trailer-mounted powerhouse for heavy-duty tasks, we have the right pressure washer for you.

    Our range includes:

    • Rotary cleaners: Ideal for efficient and uniform surface cleaning, leaving no streaks behind.
    • Pressure washer sandblasting attachments: Perfect for removing tough coatings and rust from surfaces.
    • Telescopic wands: Ensure easy access to high and distant cleaning areas.
    • Hot water pressure washers: Offering up to 4000PSI, these models excel in cutting through grime and grease.
    • Petrol and diesel pressure washers: Available at 4000PSI, 3000PSI, and 2000PSI, providing versatile options for various applications.
    • Electric pressure washers: Convenient and user-friendly models, ideal for indoor and smaller cleaning tasks.
    • Rotary pressure washers (walk behind): Designed for effortless manoeuvrability, simplifying large-area cleaning projects.
    • Extension hoses: Extend your reach for thorough and convenient cleaning in hard-to-access spots.

    Whether you need compact workshop models for indoor tasks or tough trailer-mounted 4000PSI blasters for heavy-duty challenges, our pressure washers are built to deliver outstanding cleaning power.


    Experience Superior Cleaning with Kennards Hire

    At Kennards Hire, our pressure washers are tailored to suit your cleaning challenges. We understand every cleaning task is unique, so we offer various options to ensure you find the right tool for the job.

    Whether you're dealing with industrial cleanup, construction site maintenance, or everyday cleaning duties, our pressure washers come equipped with high-pressure water jets that effectively eradicate dirt, grease, and persistent stains. Thanks to a variety of pressure options and specialised accessories, you can effortlessly pinpoint the ideal pressure washer tailored to your unique requirements.

    If you're tackling a large-scale industrial cleaning project or simply maintaining your property, our pressure washer hire service has you covered. Make a booking with Kennards Hire Australia or contact us if you have any questions.