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    Revolutionise Your Earthmoving Projects with Quality Equipment Hire

    For efficient earthmoving, Kennards Hire New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of excellent earth moving equipment designed to make any project manageable and productive. From residential landscaping to large-scale construction projects, we provide the power to conquer any terrain, from urban landscapes to remote job sites.

    With our top-quality mini and large excavators, mini loaders, trenchers, skid steer loaders, tracked dumpers, and more, you have the flexibility and capability to tackle any earthmoving task that comes your way.

    Our earth moving equipment for hire includes:

    • Mini and large excavators: Whether it's digging trenches, shaping landscapes, or excavating large volumes of earth, excavators are essential for heavy-duty earthmoving tasks.
    • Mini loaders: Ideal for material transport and simplifying earthmoving jobs, mini loaders make light work of moving dirt, gravel, and debris.
    • Trenchers: When precision is paramount, trenchers help create clean and efficient trenches for utilities, irrigation, and more.
    • Skid steer loaders: Navigating through tight spaces becomes effortless with our skid steer loaders that excel in manoeuvrability.
    • Tracked dumpers: These are designed to transport materials over uneven ground, ensuring you can reach even the most remote locations.

    Earthmoving requires precision, and our equipment delivers just that. From digging to grading, you can count on accuracy in every move.


    Choose Kennards Earthmoving Equipment Hire

    Our earthmoving equipment hire caters to a wide spectrum of projects. Whether you're a professional contractor on a major mine or job site or a DIY enthusiast giving your yard some much-needed TLC, you'll find the perfect tool for your needs. And we’re more than just another hire company.

    Our expert team will ensure you have the support and information you need to complete your project successfully, offering guidance on equipment selection and operation. We also prioritise safety, and our earthmoving equipment undergoes regular inspections and servicing to meet the highest safety standards, providing you with peace of mind while you work

    At Kennards Hire New Zealand, quality equipment is key to a successful project. Experience the difference today!