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    Trestles and Planks

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    Unmatched Stability and Convenience with Trestles and Planks

    When it comes to working at heights, the consensus is clear among signwriters, professional painters, and seasoned carpenters – Kennards Hire trestles are the unbeatable choice. Lightweight, portable, and engineered for durability, these trestles and planks for hire are the ultimate companions for any job site.

    Our range includes:

    • Trestles: Manufactured using high-quality aluminium, trestles are built to withstand the rigours of the job site. With sizes ranging from 1.8 metres to 4.2 metres, you can find the perfect trestle for your specific needs, ensuring stability and safety at any elevation.

    The high-grade aluminium construction ensures they can hold heavy loads and endure harsh working conditions while also being lightweight. This means they're strong and easy to transport and set up. Choosing our trestles gives you a sturdy, reliable platform that won't weigh you down.

    • Planks: A trestle is nothing without a plank, and our planks are available in various lengths, from 3 metres to 6 metres, and come in vibrant shades of orange, green, yellow, and white. These colours don’t just look good – they enhance safety by improving visibility on the job site.

    The textured surface of the planks offers excellent grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls, so these planks provide the sturdy foundation you require to work confidently at elevated heights.

    Our trestles and planks are built to last, ensuring they can handle the demands of your job site day in and day out.


    Reliable and Sturdy Hire with Kennards Hire

    Our trestles are designed for convenience, allowing you to quickly set up and dismantle your workspace. Whether you're a signwriter adding the finishing touches to a billboard, a professional painter transforming a room, or a skilled carpenter crafting precision woodwork, our trestles and planks adapt to your project's unique requirements.

    Our equipment is regularly checked and maintained to meet the highest safety standards. Working at heights can be time-consuming, but with Kennards Hire’s trestles and planks, you can increase your efficiency and easily complete tasks. Book online today or contact our experienced team if you have any questions.