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    Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lawn and Garden Tools

    Creating an amazing outdoor space is a breeze with Kennards Hire New Zealand. Our wide range of superior lawn and garden care tools are designed to help both seasoned gardeners and weekend enthusiasts create lush, vibrant lawns and perfectly manicured gardens.

    Our lawn care tools are designed to keep your garden looking beautiful. From an easy-to-use domestic push lawn mower to the powerful 1.8m ride-on lawn mower, we have the right tool for every lawn size.

    Achieve a smooth, even lawn surface with our lawn rollers, and prep the soil for new plants with our rotary hoes and turf cutters. Our lawn corer (also known as lawn aerator) and dethatcher ensure your lawn stays healthy by promoting effective water absorption and nutrient uptake. And with essentials like pruner poles, shovels, crowbars, and rakes, no lawn maintenance task is too big or small.

    There’s also a full range of gardening tools available to keep your garden in top shape. Our hedge trimmers and lawn blowers offer exceptional cutting and cleaning performance. Effortlessly trim and shape your plants and hedges with our hedge trimmers for a professionally groomed look. When it comes to clean-up, our lawn blowers quickly clear leaves, grass clippings, and other debris, leaving your garden neat and tidy.


    Experience the Convenience of Hiring with Kennards Hire

    With Kennards Hire New Zealand, you can transform your outdoor space and let your gardening creativity flourish. Our huge range of lawn care and gardening tools will help you achieve stunning results, no matter your level of gardening expertise. And this is backed by our commitment to providing high quality equipment and our expert knowledge and support.

    Whether you're planning a grand landscaping project or just sprucing up your backyard, our tool hiring service has your back. Get in touch with Kennards Hire New Zealand today to learn more about our lawn mowers and garden care products to discover how we can help you nurture a garden you'll love.