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    Heavy Loads, Light Work: Lifting & Materials Handling

    In construction, warehousing, and heavy industry, lifting and materials handling is an essential skill, and Kennards Hire New Zealand provides an extensive range of lifting and materials handling equipment to meet demanding tasks with efficiency and safety.

    You'll find:

    • Cablepull Jacks (1T to 20T): Whether you're in construction, maintenance, or manufacturing, cablepull jacks are designed to lift and support heavy loads with ease and reliability.
    • Porta Power Pumps: When you require hydraulic muscle for tasks such as bending, straightening, or pressing, porta power pumps provide the power you need.
    • Material Hoists: Raise materials and equipment to higher levels with material hoists, ideal for construction and renovation projects.
    • Skate Trolley: For effortless movement of heavy loads in confined spaces, skate trolley offers mobility and convenience.
    • Panel Lift: Achieve precise positioning and installation of plasterboard and drywall with a panel lift, making your interior projects a breeze.
    • Pallet Truck: Streamline your warehouse operations with pallet trucks, designed for efficient and reliable material handling.
    • Gantry: When you need a stable and mobile lifting solution, gantry systems are perfect for a wide range of applications.
    • Chainblock: Providing versatile lifting solutions, chainblocks offer the control and power needed for various tasks.

    Our lifting and materials handling hire doesn't stop here, either. We also have plenty of additional equipment and accessories to meet your needs.


    Empower Your Projects with Kennards Hire

    From cablepull jacks for heavy construction to panel lifts for interior projects, our range of lifting equipment and materials handling covers many applications. Hiring your lifting equipment with Kennards is a smart choice - it provides access to specialised tools without the long-term commitment and maintenance costs associated with ownership.

    At Kennards Hire New Zealand, we understand the importance of having quality lifting and materials handling equipment on any job site. Whether you're constructing, renovating, warehousing, or working in any other industry that requires lifting and handling, we offer the essential support you need to complete any project.