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It isn't just for show

Giving back is part of how we do business

People – our own and others – always come first

So service to others is one of our greatest joys. Daily we look for ways to help, solve problems and make a difference in people’s lives.

For us, it’s simply part of being a good neighbour. And family-centric. But it's also rooted in our founding family’s belief that we balance our continued growth and sustainability, with a social contribution.

Our philanthropy portfolio is funded through direct contributions by the Kennard Family and funds raised by the Kennards Hire company. The primary avenue of our support is directed at children, especially in the area of education:

  • To overcome difficulties
  • To assist talented youth maximise their potential

Our other concern is the environment.

Kennards Family 


Taronga Zoo - Conservation Programs Stepping Stone House
Smith Family - 'Learning for Life' Program

From the branch floor to marketing, sales, customer service and logistics, our people work together to ensure our commitment to giving is fulfilled. And more often than not our team is on the front line of donation deliveries, helping load equipment into vans and trucks, and going to local community groups.


Kennards for Kids

Our major fundraising campaign, Kennards for Kids, runs throughout Sept/October each year. Two dollars from every hire – across Australia and New Zealand – goes to helping disadvantaged and sick children in both countries. 

Kennards for Kids

State-based Philanthropy

Variety Children's


Kids Express Stepping Stone House

Constable Care Child  

Safety Foundation

Children's Hospital 


Branch Community Work

Local philanthropy is important to Kennards Hire. We’re committed to making our branch neighbourhoods and communities stronger. 

Every branch across the network contributes to local charities, schools, sport and community groups. Support is given through sponsorship, cash, free hire or reduced hire rates.

They also help out if a natural disaster hits their area – moving equipment to disaster zones – and supporting the recovery programs

“Our philanthropic efforts are not about publicity or media attention, we just want to make sure we are giving back and that it is going to the right place. We want to see people, particularly children, have an opportunity to do better and achieve their goals in life, and that’s what motivates us.”

~ Kirsty Kovacs (née Kennard)



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