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Heating, Ventilation & Cooling

At Kennards Hire, we can supply you with everything from air conditioners and de-humidifiers to heaters and coolers, so you can get to keep your living or work space protected and keep yourself comfortable. Whether relaxing at home or being in the office, it's crucial to have the right equipment to cope with changes in the weather.

What is the importance of heating, cooling and ventilation?

Australia is renowned for its warm climate. While this may be convenient for hitting the surf, playing some friendly cricket and inviting some mates over for barbecues in the weekends, it can also have adverse impacts on the health of you and your home. These are just some of the reasons why de-humidifiers are in such hot demand during summers.

Mould and mildew, resulting from humidity, can get into carpets and wood flooring, which can leave you needing to strip the carpeting right down to the subflooring - or in a worst case scenario, replace it entirely. This can ultimately lead to rot.

Not only that, but excessive humidity can build up in walls, creating pockets of moisture. One the drywall is made soggy, it could start to flake off, and the interior and exterior paint may even start to peel.

Such humidity can also invite mildew and mould into the walls. Over time, this mould will only get progressively bigger, which can leave you with quite a bill to pay when repairs have to be made.

But humidity won't just negatively affect your property. It can also harm your health, with excessive humidity being linked to allergies, asthma attacks and sleeping problems, among other things.

Aside from all this, however, it's common sense that being in extreme warmth or cold is unpleasant - one reason why many look to air conditioner installation as a solution.

Kennards Hire products can help you regulate temperature

Kennards Hire have all the equipment you could need at your home or workplace to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment to spend time in.

Our air conditioners and air coolers stretch from jumbo-sized beasts perfect for workshops and showrooms to quiet, purring portable machines ideal for studies, bedrooms and small offices. Whatever space you're needing to keep cool, you're likely to find the gear to do it at Kennards Hire.

Meanwhile, we have a diverse range of fans, dryers and de-humidifiers for just about any circumstance. We have portable and pedestal fans for use around the home, as well as large exhaust fans for moving large volumes of air for social gatherings and various events, such as those held in sporting and entertainment venues, gyms and warehouses.

If you're wrestling with humidity in your home, then perhaps you can make use of our blower dryers, which can remove moisture in a room and help dry carpets, or our de-humidifiers, which will remove moisture from even materials like plaster, cement, paint, walls and floors.

Finally, for those having trouble socialising during the colder months especially in cool New Zealand, Kennards Hire offers a generous range of heaters to keep the winters cosy. Do you own a restaurant, cafe or other similar business? Try our free standing area heaters which are rain protected to keep their surroundings toasty outside. Are you having people over for a party on your patio? Then you'll want our patio heaters.

We even stock heaters for more heavy duty purposes. Our space heaters blast heat at 125,000btu and 250,000btu, which is enough to heat large areas and help dry cement, materials and paint.

Next time the temperature's getting a bit out of your comfort zone, browse our line-ups of equipment to see Kennards Hire can help you.


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