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Ladders & Scaffold

When it comes to elevated access, Kennards Hire has the solution for you in its range of scaffolding (aluminium, kwikscaf, fibreglass or universal), roof harness kits, ladders and trestles. Whether you are working in standard conditions, confined quarters or around large amounts of high-voltage equipment, there is a scaffolding or ladder option for you.

Standard scaffolding needs

This is the range of scaffolding you will most likely be looking at if you are painting, roofing, rendering, laying bricks, etc.

For lighter workloads, there is aluminium scaffolding, which is well suited to most construction, restoration and maintenance projects. With a base of either 750mm by 2.4m or a double width 1.3m by 2.4m and variety of height options, you'll be able to reach even the hardest spots. A safe working load of 225kgs allows for two people, or one person and a lot of equipment.

Lightweight and portable

For jobs that require a lot of moving around or transporting, there are lightweight options that will make the going a bit easier. Aside from the aluminium scaffold towers, there is also Kwikscaf scaffolding, a favourite with contractors.

Kwikscaf scaffolding provides a safe, level work platform and packs down easily for transport. It is configured in such a way that it will clear obstacles on the ground, and can be used as a trolley or moveable workbench, to reach every part of the work site, office or home. It is often used for maintenance work, signwriting, painting, plastering and cleaning.

Kwikscaf is assembled easily and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. It has a base of 2m by 750mm and a platform height of 1.2m. The working height can be adjusted between 1180mm, 770mm and 360mm. The safe working load of 200kgs means you can carry all of your gear with you.

Electrical, chemical and height safety

If your job is in an environment that creates electrical or chemical concerns, fibreglass scaffolding is what you want. The nonconductive nature of fibreglass means that this type of scaffolding is a viable alternative to aluminium scaff in areas where electrical safety is a concern, such as computer rooms, substations, etc. It is also unaffected by chemical reactions. Although very light, it is also very strong and has a standard work safety loading of 225kgs.

Our fibreglass scaffolding is also very versatile. With a base of 1.3m by 2.4m and a height of 1.5m it will suit almost every job, and it can be assembled in minutes, as any frame can be used as a base frame.

If height is a concern on your work site, Kennards Hire will see to your safety. We have roof harness kits available for hire. The kit includes: harness, rope adjuster, 15m lanyard, shock absorbing strap, anchor strap, carry case and full user instructions.

Narrow access

If your job is in a narrow area, it can be hard to safely provide elevated access. Fortunately Kennards Hire has solutions for confined areas.

With a narrow base of just 700mm by 1.8m, and adjustable platform height from 500mm to 1.7m, universal scaffolding provides the ideal safe and stable platform you need for your limited access work.

Extension ladders

Extension ladders are the king of narrow and limited access applications. Easily reduced in length for transport and moving around on site, extension ladders are extremely practical for jobs that require constant access to roofs or elevated areas.

Kennards Hire has both two and three stage extensions ladders, ranging from 18 feet to 35 feet (between 5.5m and 10.7m).

Ladders like this can be extremely useful when you are using scaffolding or a cherry-picker on site, but do not want to move it around every time a person needs quick access to a different part of the job site.

For work that only requires one or two men and hand tools, an extension ladder could be preferable to the expense and time cost of scaffolding.

If you are working on a roof, we have specific roof ladders available. These come with wheels on one side to allow easy manoeuvring up a steeply angled surface, and hooks on the other side to secure the ladder to the apex.

Roofing ladders can make a job a lot quicker and safer than it would be otherwise. A roofing kit is recommended for safety when working at heights.

Free standing ladders

If you don't have the luxury of a very tall building to lean against, a step ladder is probably what you're after.

Step ladders come in various sizes and suit many different applications. For dedicated arborists or even for quickly pruning trees and trimming hedges at home, a step ladder is ideal.

A step ladder is also well suited to jobs where leaning on the wall will ruin the surface, such as painting or for professional electricians installing light fixtures.

At Kennards Hire the range of step ladders is staggering, with heights from 6 feet to 14 feet available (1.8m to 4.2m).

Aluminium ladders are lightweight and collapse for enhanced portability or easy storage. If your job is in a high voltage area, make sure to grab a fibreglass ladder to ensure you avoid any conductive materials that could lead to injury.

Platform ladders are the ideal choice for many painters, decorators and electricians, or anyone who expects to be standing at an elevated height for a considerable period of time.

With a sturdy platform off which to work, you can be sure that these ladders will help you to get the job done no matter the height, and even in narrow access applications.

Kennards Hire platform ladders come in various heights. The smallest come in at 3 feet (0.9m), which is great for working in stores or residential houses, while others span all the way up to 10 feet (3m) and are well suited to working on high-ceilinged offices or factories.


Trestles are light and portable pieces of equipment that give you a great work platform in a few seconds. Setup is a breeze as you set up the two trestles, with a scaffolding plank in between.

This is great for quick jobs, or for moving around the work site. Lightweight aluminium means you can carry them around easily, and a range of heights available means Kennards Hire will have the right trestle for your job.

Kennards Hire stocks trestles from 6 feet (1.8m) high to 16 feet (4.8m) high. With various steps on each trestle pair, you will be able to adjust the height as you work, to prevent any strain on workers.

Trestles are an ideal platform off which to hang signs, paint awnings or perform general maintenance at elevated heights.

With a fantastic range and a convenient location near you, Kennards Hire will be able to provide the access solutions for your next project. Stop into your local Kennards Hire store to find out more.


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