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    2022 International Women’s Day

    Published on 8 March 2022, Tuesday, 2:51 PM
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    International Women's Day (IWD) is recognised globally on 8 March annually as a way of celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for raising awareness to and accelerating gender equality. 

    This year the campaign's theme is #BreakTheBias. Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists isn't enough. Action is needed to level the playing field.

    Whilst our industry is traditionally considered to be male-oriented, we're continuing to work towards breaking the bias and showing women the benefits of working for Kennards Hire. Outside of Kennards Hire only about 2% of trade jobs are filled by women, and this is partially due to the stereotype that jobs are gendered and the lack of female representation in trade roles.

    At Kennards Hire we're proud to say that in recent years, we've seen an increase in the number of females working in our branches across a range of roles. This representation is important in encouraging more women to join our industry by letting them know that a career in hire and trade is possible for them.

    Amongst other initiatives, Kennards Hire has equal pay and benefits, a gender-neutral paid Parental Leave Policy and flexible return to work from parental leave commitment, and we've recently introduced a Working Flexibly Policy for support roles. As a values-led company, we are continually looking for ways to encourage more women into both our business and industry. 

    IWD is an opportunity for us to reflect on some of the remarkable women who have come before us, who fought for equality across all industries and policy. Further, it's also a day to raise awareness of the current challenges we still face and show our commitment to calling out bias, smashing stereotypes, breaking inequality, and rejecting discrimination.

    We're extremely proud to share what some of the women and men in our business have to say about working with Kennards Hire and their ongoing commitment to supporting women in our industry

    “As a 3rd generation chippie, I’ve had a lot of access to the construction and hire industries and have been working in them since I was 16 years old. I would encourage women to give the industry, and especially Kennards Hire, a chance, as I have meet so many amazing people and built great bonds and friendships.” Debra Gill – Assistant Branch Manager, Cairns

    “For me, finding my place in a male-dominated industry has never been about pretending to be ‘one of the boys’. It’s about appreciation and respect for the unique contributions and experiences of every team-mate.” Kate Hargreave – Learning & Development Manager

    “Having team members who are true representations of the communities in which we work has always been a focus for me, be that diversity in gender, ethnicity or beliefs. It means that, as a team, we are stronger because we have more diversity in our views, perspectives and decision making. This makes our business more relevant and responsive to all of our stakeholders.” Tom Kimber – General Manager NZ

    “There are many things I like about working for Kennards Hire, one of them is our culture in which everyone is treated equally as family. As a female leader for Kennards Hire, I will continue to break the bias by encouraging more women to join our industry. I hope to empower women by becoming a role model, inspiring women to achieve their goals, to stand up and make their voice heard: ”There is no force more powerful than a women determined to rise".” Marcia DeThierry – Assistant Branch Manager, Kalgoorlie

    "Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in woman recruited within Kennards Hire in Western Australia. Kennards Hire and the industry as a whole has so much to gain in increasing the diversity of its workforce." David Schurman – General Manager WA

    People and culture is what makes Kennards Hire a great place to work. We encourage and have open and transparent conversations about all aspects of work and the impacts on individuals. Breaking the bias means to me to continue these conversations and integrate learning in to everyday working life. Lisa von Buren - People & Culture Manager

    “Women make a significant positive impact to any business and, as a leader in Kennards Hire, I commit to continuing to offering mentorship, encouragement and support to the women in our organisation. Whether that be through growth in their current role or ongoing support with their long-term goals for advancement.” Rob Mammoliti – Area Manager WA

    “Every step forward, to create a world without bias and discrimination, is a journey in the very best direction.” Donna Bach – Learning & Development Coordinator

    “The thing I love most about Kennards Hire is the people we work with and the diversity that we have within our business. As a leader in the business, I’m committed to the recruitment, development and support of women in our industry.” Nathan Venables – Head of Fleet & Procurement

    “Having recently made the move to Kennards Hire, in an industry I’ve never worked in before, I’ve felt welcomed and respected and look forward to making more opportunities for women in this industry. No industry or job is for a specific gender.” Cassandra Vella – People & Culture Partner

    “Over recent years we have employed more woman into the Victorian business than ever before which is great to see. We’re currently in a period of growth and are always looking for good people to join the team so I encourage anyone, regardless of gender, looking for a new challenge, to consider the equipment rental industry as a potential career.”  Lance Hawes – General Manager VIC

     “Working for Kennards Hire means that you are a member of a huge community that all help each other.  These connections and friendships, are the reason I love working here.”Noeleen Smith – Asset Onboarding Manager

    “In the CSC, we’ve on-boarded a number of strong women into our team who are pivotal in supporting our group network of branches and customers. Our team constantly win our customers over in traditionally male focused trade and construction markets with their product knowledge, patience and commitment to positive outcomes. The women in our senior CSC roles are an inspiration to others looking to build their career in the hire industry.” Julian Elliott – Customer Service Centre Manager

    “It’s exciting to see the gender equal opportunities changes taking place in workplaces worldwide including flexibility in workplaces that allow woman to partake in leader opportunities, as well as uplifting women and celebrating achievements.” Venesa Watson - Commercial Finance Analyst

    Everything I have achieved is because of the support I have from the women and men in my life both personally and professionally. To me #breakthebias means being given the choice to have it all in any aspect of your life because you deserve nothing less.” Reshma Narayan – Digital Marketing Manager

    “We all need to ensure that the campaign for true gender equality is not just a trend. We can do this by pointing out deliberate or unconscious discrimination when we see it at work, in our communities and in our homes. I plan to #BreakTheBias today, and every day.” Corina Roat - Senior Marketing Coordinator

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.