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    Why I use Kennards Hire: Nick from Mainline Plumbing Solutions

    Published on 25 June 2019, Tuesday, 7:47 AM
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    No matter what tradie you are, or whatever you're into, Kennards Hire has got your back, like Nick Calleija from Mainline Plumbing Solutions.

    I started Mainline Plumbing early in 2017 so it’s been going now for just over two years. It was a one-man band back then, but now we have five guys in the business servicing customers across Sydney.

    Our services include everything from blocked drains, toilet and tap repairs to fixing leaks and gas fitting. Being in the plumbing business means we need lots of tools and equipment to get jobs done.

    We might need cutting sawsjackhammers and excavation tools for pipework, unblocking tools for drainage work, and diggers and earthmovers for gas fitting. It all depends on the job - every situation is different.

    The main thing is we have to respond promptly to our customers’ needs. In some cases, this might mean we need equipment urgently – to stop flooding for example.

    Why we choose to hire equipment

    With four trucks and multiple blokes out on sites, it makes sense for us to hire some of the equipment we need. Hiring works out more cost-effective for us than if we were to buy every piece of equipment we use.

    One of the other main benefits is access to a range of tools. We can get the equipment then and there, use it on the job, and send it back to base. This is a very convenient setup for a business like ours.

    Overall, hiring equipment definitely saves the business money.

    Why we use Kennards Hire

    There are multiple reasons why we choose Kennards Hire. For a start they are very reliable. They also have branches in just about every suburb, which makes it very convenient for us. Whenever the guys are on site, whatever the location, they know they can access the tools they need quickly.

    Plumbing work can be rough on equipment. We know the equipment from them will be well-maintained and in great condition.

    And we know they have our back. Sometimes they might even recommend a tool we didn’t know about that can help us get the job done more easily.

    How Kennards Hire helps us on site

    Plumbing repair jobs can be urgent. This was the case for us recently when we needed to cut out a sewer line that was causing flooding in a unit block. To fix the problem, we needed machinery as soon as possible.

    We rang up Kennards Hire at 2.30pm and said we need the equipment today. They had it to us and unloaded within half an hour, with no questions asked, and we had the job all done by 5pm.

    It’s this type of personal service that makes Kennards Hire excel and keeps us coming back.

    Kennards Hire helps us with business support and growth

    Using Kennards Hire has helped with our business growth in lots of ways.

    This includes the support and advice they offer, helping us find solutions for the best ways of getting the job done.

    The fact that they are so easy to get to from any location in Sydney also saves us time sourcing what we need.

    It also saves us money to use Kennards, as we don’t have to come up with big capital outlay to buy machinery, and then store it securely. We can get what we need for the job when we need it, then return it afterwards.

    I would recommend Kennards Hire to any tradie for their efficiency, support, convenience and reliability.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.