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    How to look after your ground during construction

    Published on 27 April 2016, Wednesday, 11:15 PM
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    Sometimes, serious property maintenance is unavoidable. There might be a natural disaster that hits, or a crack that opens up in the family pool and needs excavation to repair. Whatever your situation, keeping on top of the care of your ground is of the utmost importance to reduce extra costs.

    Maybe you've recently done some complicated garden landscaping that you'd like to protect, or even just don't want to have to re-seed your grassed areas. Getting in touch with Kennards Hire is your best bet, because it has so many options that can protect your ground from the many hazards that serious garden maintenance threatens to inflict upon your precious outdoor areas.

    The first step is access

    You may have some maintenance that needs to be done around the rear of your property, and that will require potentially heavy machinery to have access to those areas.

    • Want to avoid heavy track marks all over your property?

    When you're needing to have diggers and excavators on your otherwise-perfect patch of real estate, the track marks that these pieces of equipment can leave behind can be damaging. Laying down some ground mats is an easy and cost-effective way to give the machines a pathway to your maintenance site, whether you're driving them or having a contractor doing so. You'll not only keep track marks from ripping up your lovely lawn, but you'll be able to direct the heavy equipment away from other valuable parts of your yard.

    IBISWorld reports that the industry for gardening services in Australia generates $3 billion in revenue annually. When Australians are spending so much money on keeping their beautiful properties maintained, it will certainly pay to make sure heavy equipment doesn't ruin all of your hard work!

    Transporting your waste products

    The major garden maintenance on your property might well require a large movement of debris and waste. Rocks and other heavy pieces of debris could just sit in a removable bin until the whole site has been finished, but this can have the same effect as driving large diggers and excavators over grass. Lawns require a large amount of sunlight at all times in order to grow, and if you've got an enormous bin or pile of debris sitting on top for weeks on end, the grass won't only be damaged, it will completely die off and need to be replaced.

    If you have ground mats laid down, you won't be damaging any extra parts of your garden.

    A simple way to keep your grass healthy from all of the potential debris that your garden maintenance requires is to use a skid steer loader or 47 horsepower tractor to move rocks and plants and concrete off of the parts of your property that you'd like to keep looking pretty. Even better, if you have the above ground mats laid down making a safe path, you won't be damaging any extra parts of your garden.

    The finishing touches

    Homelife suggests that densely planted garden spaces and ornamental grasses are great ways to ensure your ongoing property maintenance remains at a minimum. Having plants close together means less sunlight will get to the soil that would otherwise allow weeds to grow. A solid covering also prevents wind damaging and drying out the soil, and the same goes for ornamental grasses, which tend to not require any care at all.

    • Keeping your yard healthy and pristine is of the utmost importance.

    Using a pedestrian vacuum after your major property maintenance will really help to finish off the job properly. The massive 1.6-cubic-metre load capacity will make large pick-ups of leftover debris a breeze, and it'll also help to keep your dense garden plantings and ornamental grasses looking healthy and growing efficiently.

    Get in touch with the team at Kennards Hire today to talk about all of the ways we can help you to protect your property during major constructions, renovations or maintenance jobs.

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