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    Kennards Hire Announces Exciting Partnership With Influencer ‘Lawns in Good Nick’

    Published on 17 November 2023, Friday, 2:09 AM

    Kennards Hire is thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership with renowned influencer Nick Bransgrove of 'Lawns in Good Nick' as a guest blogger on its ‘Get Inspired’ content platform. 

    This collaboration brings together the expertise of Kennards Hire in the equipment hire industry and the passion and knowledge of ‘Lawns in Good Nick’ in the field of lawn care and gardening.

    Kennards Hire, a leading provider of equipment hire solutions, is committed to supporting both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in their projects of choice. With a wide range of equipment for construction, renovation, and outdoor projects, Kennards Hire is dedicated to empowering customers to get the job done right. The partnership aligns perfectly with this commitment, as with 'Lawns in

    Good Nick' is widely recognised for his expertise in creating and maintaining stunning lawns and gardens.

    With over 77,000 Instagram followers, Nick has garnered a significant following on social media and various online platforms for his insightful gardening tips, practical how-to videos, and engaging content about lawn care. 

    "We are extremely excited to welcome 'Lawns in Good Nick' to the Kennards Hire family as a guest blogger," said Reshma Narayan, Digital Marketing Manager at Kennards Hire. "Nick’s wealth of knowledge and passion for lawn care and gardening is truly inspiring and easy to follow. We believe our customers will greatly benefit from his expertise as they plan and get into their outdoor projects."

    Bransgrove expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "I'm delighted to be collaborating with Kennards Hire, a company that shares my dedication to helping people achieve their outdoor project goals. I look forward to sharing my experiences, tips, and ideas with the Kennards Hire community, and together, we'll make the world of lawn care and gardening even more exciting and accessible."

    Through the partnership, Kennards Hire and ‘Lawns in Good Nick’ aim to provide customers with a holistic resource that not only offers equipment solutions but also valuable insights on how to make the most of their outdoor projects. 

    The guest blog posts by ‘Lawns in Good Nick’ will cover a wide range of topics, including lawn care, garden maintenance, landscaping, and DIY projects, offering a well-rounded approach to outdoor living.

    For more information on how you can make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood, check out Nick’s optimum way to renovate your lawn blog, visit our ‘Get Inspired’ page or follow 'Lawns in Good Nick' on his social media platforms - @Lawnsingoodnick /