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    Kennards Hire Teams Up With Eden Park to Launch Game-Changing Sound Sensitivity Stations

    Published on 12 March 2024, Tuesday, 12:00 AM
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    • Kennards Hire team members standing next to the Eden Park Sound Senstivity Station

    People sensitive to sound are set to have an elevated experience at Eden Park thanks to the launch of groundbreaking Kennards Hire Sound Sensitivity Stations that will make the stadium environment more sensory-inclusive.

    Hitting the concourse in time for the highly-anticipated P!NK concerts, the new Kennards Hire Sound Sensitivity Stations dispense free ear plugs to fans on a self-serve basis. It’s hoped the initiative – the first of its kind at a major New Zealand venue – will help individuals with sound sensitivity to experience the magic of big game days and concerts without the risk of being overwhelmed by noise levels.

    Set to be a permanent fixture at Eden Park, the stations will be restocked ahead of all major concerts and sporting events. To ensure prime accessibility, they will also be positioned at different locations within the stadium grounds based on need.

    Over-stimulation to noise, particularly in higher sound intensive areas of stadiums such as front-of-stage, is a common trigger for sound sensitive individuals. 

    The initiative was sparked by the personal experience of Kennards Hire staff member and mum, Kimberley White, whose teenage son grappled with managing his sensitivity to sound during a major pop concert at Eden Park last year.

    “We knew my son had a degree of sound sensitivity, but we found ourselves caught off-guard at the music concert after thinking he’d be ok since he’d previously managed with sound levels at rugby games. Following this, I started researching what could be done to help others if they ever found themselves in a similar position.

    “Given Kennards Hire is a business anchored in safety, we developed this concept and took it to Eden Park which immediately jumped on board. With their help, we have been able to take a step towards ensuring individuals like my son, who face challenges with loud environments, don't have to miss out on enjoying events due to noise sensitivity,” she said.

    Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner said, “Eden Park is proud to be a leader in the accessibility space. We are committed to ensuring Eden Park is a welcoming, safe and inclusive venue for everyone who attends an event here. We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the stadium-going experience and we appreciate noise accounts for an enormous part of the stadium environment.

    “We’re delighted to be working with Kennards Hire to introduce these Sound Sensitivity Stations to Eden Park to make the events we host more sensory inclusive.”  

    In addition to the Sound Sensitivity Stations, Kennards Hire will also be supplying noise-reducing Ear Defenders in Eden Park’s already-existing Sensory Room, to accommodate higher sensitivity needs. The dispensers for the Sound Sensitivity Stations, ear plugs and Ear Defenders are being provided free of charge by premium supplier Esko Safety.

    Kennards Hire New Zealand General Manager, Tom Kimber, added, “Kennards Hire are proud to support this initiative as part of our Icon Partnership with Eden Park. I have firsthand experience with my son who is hyper reactive to sensory input, and I’m pleased that we are in a position to help draw more attention to the understanding of sensory inclusivity.”