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    KidsCan and Kennards Hire are back helping kids feel pride in their spaces with the School Buddy Programme

    Published on 7 March 2022, Monday, 2:40 PM
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    Kennards Hire is proud to announce they are re-launching their School Buddy Programme initiative to support KidsCan, with 99 local schools and early childhood centres set to be recipients of the reinvigorated Programme.

    KidsCan, Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading charity dedicated to helping Kiwi kids affected by poverty, and Kennards Hire, New Zealand’s leading family-owned equipment hire business, have re-launched the programme as schools head back this month. Designed to give all kids a fair go, the School Buddy Programme provides quality equipment, project expertise and volunteers, to help make school spaces beautiful and engaging environments to grow and learn in.

    Kennards Hire branches across New Zealand will now support 4-5 local schools or early childhood learning centres with extra assistance; through the School Buddy Programme, Kennards Hire team members will provide tangible, hands-on support to schools that need assistance with maintenance and upkeep of buildings and grounds.

    “The School Buddy Programme is a fantastic initiative, providing practical and very welcome support to low decile schools. Every child deserves to learn in a beautiful environment, and we're grateful to Kennards Hire for all they're doing to make a difference for the many children living in hardship," says Julie Chapman, CEO and founder of KidsCan.

    The School Buddy Programme will provide 100% discount on equipment hire such as ride-on lawnmowers to maintain large areas, scissor lifts and scaffold to assist in school mural designs and artworks, and mini-loaders and wheelbarrows to move large quantities of sand and bark.

    In addition to free equipment hire, the Kennards Hire team is excited to once again get behind the cause and volunteer. The COVID-19 pandemic had put a halt to on-school grounds volunteering, but the team can again offer people-power to help with maintenance and preventative work, staffing BBQs at school fetes and fundraising events, and much more.

    “The team at Kennards Hire is extremely proud and humbled to continue our partnership with KidsCan. To be able to help the community and watch the work we do have a positive impact on kids and their schools means the world to us all,” said Tom Kimber, General Manager, Kennards Hire New Zealand.

    Junior Moevasa, Auckland City Branch Manager, is just one of the Kennards Hire team who is excited about the programme expansion.


    “I’ve always valued this contribution we make to KidsCan, as I know there’s a big picture behind it all. Child poverty affects one in five kids throughout New Zealand and an issue continues to rise. So thankful to Kennards Hire for being involved and enabling our team support and contribute to this cause across the country.”


    In addition to its School Buddy Programme recommitment, all 23 Kennards Hire New Zealand branches recently hosted a fundraiser BBQ for KidsCan.  

    To find out more about the work that KidsCan does, visit their website:

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