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    Published on 16 April 2024, Tuesday, 10:58 PM
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    • Worker using rail equipment on a rail line

    At Kennards Hire, we are not just about supplying gear; we're about revolutionising how rail work is done. Take, for instance, the task of clipping and unclipping sleepers—a chore that is as common as it is critical. Our high output clipping machine transforms this task from tedious to terrific, not only hastening the job but also drastically cutting down on labour costs, all while enhancing safety through modern methods. And here is the kicker – these machines are Tri Gauge, so they are ready to roll out across Australia and New Zealand.

    Precision in rail construction and maintenance is not just a goal; it is a necessity. A minor miscalculation can lead to major mishaps, like derailments. That is where our new electronic straight edges come in. With accuracy up to .25mm, these tools are game changers for weld checks, reducing defects and, by extension, saving our clients time and money.

    Then there is the matter of those overhead power lines. They are vital, sure, but they are also a hazard if not handled with care. Our High Rail machines, especially those equipped with a pantograph, allow operators to work in their zone with confidence, ensuring safety and enabling quality checks on completed works. Like our clipping machines, the majority of our fleet is Tri Gauge, ensuring they are a fit for projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    • Worker using rail equipment on a rail line
    • Kennards Hire team member using a spirit level

    Kennards Hire is not just providing tools; we are providing peace of mind, efficiency, and a superior standard of work. Whether it is ensuring the safe clipping of sleepers, guaranteeing the precision of rail alignments, or safely managing overhead line installations, we have the gear and the know-how to support you.

    When you partner with Kennards Hire for your rail equipment needs, you are not just hiring equipment; you are unlocking a host of technical advantages that make your railway projects safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Together, we can keep those tracks in tip-top shape and ensure the smooth running of our railways, all while looking after the environment of Australia and New Zealand.

    For more information or to talk to a Kennards Rail Expert visit our Rail page.