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A large range of extension leads are available to ensure your power transfer needs are met.

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LEAD - 20AMP 15M 415V
Code: 1080292
LEAD - 20AMP 30M 415V
Code: 1080293
LEAD - 20AMP 50M 415V
Code: 1080287
LEAD - 32AMP 15M 415V
Code: 1080290
LEAD - 32AMP 25M 415V
Code: 180292
LEAD - 32AMP 30M 415V
Code: 1080289
LEAD - 32AMP 50M 415V
Code: 1080294
Volts Amp Length
415v 20 Amp 15M
415v 20 Amp 30M
415v 20 Amp 50M
415v 32 Amp 15M
415v 32 Amp 25M
415v 32 Amp 30M
415v 32 Amp 50M
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