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Kennards Hire knows that working on tracks takes toughness. We hire everything from material and tool transport, rail tamping, handling, tensing and welding to grinding equipment - everything for standard, narrow or broad gauge rail. Your local Kennards Hire branch will help you out with a variety of rail solutions and some handy advice.

Transport and handling

Drive into a Kennards Hire branch & pick up your pre-ordered and set-up welding or labour truck to your exact requirements. Take the headache away from carting the gear all over Australia. When you are finished, just hand it back. Talk to us to get your copy of our ‘tick n flick’ sheets.

If you already have a length of track laid, you can use a rail trolley to transport tools and material from one end of your site to the other. Lightweight in construction and designed to not accumulate water and dirt, it's the ideal way to get everything you need where you want it.


Before you get too far into this job, you need a timeframe. And if you're going to be working long hours, it's not a bad idea to plan ahead and grab some flood lights or rail LED lights. There are also options that are safe to use around dangerous gases or in confined areas.

If you are expecting intermittent traffic through the area, or need an extra hand to keep things in place, rail clamps are available in several different grades. They can even allow rail traffic to pass over the clamped bit of rail, but at reduced speeds.

A rail saw is essential for getting brilliant square cuts to ensure smooth welds later down the line. If you need to stress your welding rails, or hold them in place while butting up two pieces, TR-70 stressing equipment is what you are after.

Laying track

Bolting and power packs are a mainstay when it comes to efficient bolting systems. There are also 1-inch square drive petrol-operated impact wrenches for lighter applications.

When it comes to welding your nicely laid out track, grab a couple A-frame aligners to make sure the job stays in place and level.

Complete rail welding kits contain everything you need to cast perfect welds on all track gauges. Heavy-duty, silenced diesel-welders are available for some ad hoc welds.

In order to get that smooth finish that marks a job well done, make sure to grab a set of shears and a rail grinder. Rail shears that hydraulically operated, and can be lifted into place by only two men to make quick work of smoothing out your welds before they set.

For the fine touches, rail grinders are available, as well switch grinders in various gauges for the trickier areas.

No matter where the tracks take you

For absolutely everything rail and track related, you know where to go. Come on down to your local Kennards Hire and talk to us about how we can help you get the job done.

And if you're working away from home, there'll be a Kennards Hire store near you with all of the tools for hire that you forgot at the shop.


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