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With saws for wood, brick, concrete and more, Kennards Hire help you cut through your job in no time at all. We have saws for every task, from forestry to pruning, carpentry to building and everything in between. Whether you're cutting through bricks, metal or a nice piece of knotty pine, at Kennards Hire we have all the right tools for the job.


Cold cut saws are brilliant for getting through mild steel without showering yourself in sparks. Cutting through pipe, tube, channel or angle is a breeze with the tungsten-tipped blade, eliminating heat and sparks from the equation.

A handheld cold cut saw can be a very versatile tool, but if you are going to do a lot of repetitive cuts, a cold cut drop saw is ideal. Set yourself a stop and you could go all day with one of these!

For trickier angles, small jobs or work that requires freehand cutting, an angle grinder in either 5" or 9" from Kennards Hire will get the job done.

Angle grinders are incredibly versatile tools, and simply changing from a cut off wheel to a grinding wheel, flap disk or sanding pad will give you a whole range of tools for any metalwork job.

A sabre saw with the right blade is great for getting through sheet metal, piping, or metal that may be in a wall and hard to access.

Brick, mortar and tile

Take the hard work out of building or renovating with a saw from Kennards Hire. If you are shaping blocks or bricks, we have block saws with diamond blades, and brick saws as well.

For the tiler, we carry standard tile cutters, as well as 730mm (40mm blade) and 950mm (60mm blade) electric tile saws that'll cleave through the entire range of floor and wall tiles, as well as garden tiles, slate and pavers with precision.

The hand held 175mm (7") version is just as versatile, and is brilliant for cutting through ceramic tiles, quarry, slate, granite and more.

Arbour saws, also known as mortar saws, are ideal for removing individual bricks and surrounding mortar. The reciprocating blade cuts through mortar with ease, allowing you to simply pull out a whole brick without smashing the wall.

Wood and wall

Circular saws are a must have for any carpentry project, and are also great for framing, fencing and more. The tungsten-tipped blade will keep going and going, and the unit is fully adjustable to cut on different angles and at varying depths.

We also have cordless circular saws for increased utility and mobility.

A compound mitre saw is perfect for repetitive tasks, like cutting timber framing. With two axis adjustability you will easily cut perfect 90 degree ends, as well as mitres, bevels, crosscuts and compound angles.

A mitre saw is not only great for wood, but is also suitable for lengths of aluminium piping, angle, flat bar or extrusion.

A jamb undercut saw from Kennards Hire is exactly what you'll need for cutting horizontally. It's a great tool for taking out door frames, posts, walls, etc.

When you need to cut a pattern or a hole, a jigsaw is great for precise cutting at variable speeds, and is suitable for wood, composites and light sheet metal.

For cutting rebates into walls to hide pipes, cables or conduits, a wall chasing saw is exactly what you need for fast and accurate cuts.

If the wood you're cutting is of the green variety, you may appreciate our large range of chainsaws, as well as pole pruning saws.


Of course all of these saws could be used in light demolition rolls when renovating, but if you need serious grunt for taking out reinforced concrete walls or floors, then our fantastic range of demolition saws will probably tickle your fancy.

With features that increase cooling for extended periods of cutting, and suppress dust as standard, you'll be able to get through a whole lot of concrete with one these.

At Kennards Hire we have the extensive range of tools necessary to make sure we cater to all trades, as well as the DIY weekend warrior. Whatever your cutting needs, stop into your local Kennards Hire store to get the right tool for the job.


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