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Silos Project FAQs


Why are the silos being removed?

The area where the silos are located has not been in use for many years. The silos themselves aren’t in use or maintained. They are being removed to improve the safety of the site. The metal grain silos are extremely prone to rust and without continual and constant maintenance they can easily become a hazard to those on-site or in the area. As they are, the silos are potentially accessible by the public and their removal will improve public safety.

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Are all the silos being removed?

There will be one silo remaining that will be refurbished to ensure it is safe to keep on-site.

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What is happening to the remaining silo?

Once the remaining silo has been refurbished, it will be professionally painted by a local artist. More information about the artist and mural will be made available when finalised.

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Who owns the site?

The site is owned by Keneco Property.

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What is going to happen to the vacant land?

The site will be retained by the property owner. Kennards Hire will continue to have a lease over the whole site and it will likely be used as additional equipment storage/display area.

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How long will the process take?

The removal work will commence on Saturday, 25 December, 2021 and is anticipated to conclude by Friday, 14 January, 2022. The refurbishment and painting of the mural on the remaining silo will continue in the new year allowing the artist the time needed to create an engaging piece of community art.

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Why is the demolition taking place over the Christmas period?

As the silos are located next to a freight transport corridor, they need to be dismantled and removed during a period when no trains will be running. Keneco has worked with Queensland Rail to determine that the rail line shutdown period over Christmas is the best time for the work to safely occur without disruption to the freight line.

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How will the community be impacted during the removal?

The left southbound lanes of Anzac Avenue will be closed from 25 December to 28 December during the hours of 6.00pm – 6.00am. Outside of this, there is minor foreseeable impact to the local community.

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Was the community consulted before making the decision?

The local contractor has worked with Council, as well as rail, roads, safety and traffic specialists on the steps for safe removal of the 10 silos.

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Where is all the material going from the demolition?

Over 550 tonnes of steel from the demolition will be recycled and repurposed.

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Won’t it be dangerous to remove the silos?

By working with the professionals at Darling Downs Metals, Queensland Rail, Department of Main Roads, Evolution Traffic and QLD Workplace Health & Safety, every safety precaution has been taken into consideration, including the timing of the removal to ensure there is no risk to staff, customers, the community, environment or wildlife.

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What happens if the work isn’t completed in time?

It is expected that the work will occur during the allocated period, however factors beyond our control could delay the work. These are environmental factors such as rain, flood, fire or potentially a COVID outbreak. In the event of delays, the project team will re-assess and re-plan the works.

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Who do I contact if I want more information?

Darling Downs MetalsKeneco Property GroupN2N Media Contact
Matthew King Shane Bissett Blake Mason
Email: matt@darlingdownsmetals.com.au Email: shanebissett@kennards.com.au Email: blake.mason@n2n.com.au
Phone: 0415 708 665 Phone: 0411 889 934 Phone: 0400 505 154

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