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Case Studies


FEB 2019

As one of the most important fixtures on the World Rally Championship calendar, the team behind Rally Australia needs to get everything right. This includes course prep, marketing, sponsorship deals and more.

As Rally Australia’s major sponsor for three years running, Kennards Hire is proud to assist in the country’s largest annual rally event.

Offering Sponsorship - and Logistical Support

For the final fixture on the World Rally Championship calendar, Rally Australia requires not only the nouse of track designers and the marketing team to deliver a world-class event, but also the backing of a major supplier who understands the requirements of such a large-scale operation.

Kennards Hire provides the Rally Australia team with everything it needs – from fencing and buildings to toilets, scaffolding and even recommendations on course layout. Delivering the equivalent of six football fields’ worth of equipment for a single event isn’t easy, but it’s a task that Kennards Hire is well suited for.

“Kennards Hire is solutions-focused and has the expertise to give these big events the right equipment for their needs. We have the logistics and supply chain to get large amounts of material delivered efficiently, by the experts,” says Shannon McClure, Marketing Coordinator at Kennards Hire.

The Partnership Forms One Big Family

For Wayne Kenny, Senior Executive and Clerk of Course at Rally Australia, his Rally Australia team appreciates how everything just ‘fits’ perfectly when working with Kennards Hire.

 “Working with Kennards Hire is very, very easy,” he says.

 “They understand what the event is all about. We provide a massive bill of quantities prior to the event and tell them ‘this is what we want.’ That includes everything like toilets, fencing, scaffolding and sheds.

Building for the Future

This year’s event was a huge success, and both Stempniak and Kenny are excited about what lies ahead for Rally Australia 2019 and beyond.

 “There’s always a lot of planning and details behind the scenes that go into making sure the execution is smooth, swift and efficient,” says Konrad Stempniak, Head of Major Projects.

 That will also be the goal for Kennards Hire in 2019. And Rally Australia believes their partnership with Kennards Hire can make next year’s event even stronger.

 “We get a lot of feedback from competitors, teams and officials,” Kenny says. “So for 2019 we are looking to make it bigger and better, and above all a stronger event to finish the World Rally Championship season.”


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