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    How to Secure Your Work Site Over the Summer Break

    Published on 28 November 2023, Tuesday, 3:34 AM
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    Summer’s here, and while most of us are looking forward to a long, leisurely break, a special class of thief might just be gearing up for the busiest time of the year!

    The summer break is peak season for those who specialise in stealing equipment and materials from work and construction sites. Whether you’re a solo builder working on a single house, or responsible for a construction site employing hundreds, it’s vital to secure your site over the break.

    So before you head off on holiday take a look at your site through a potential thief's eyes. How hard would it be for someone to break in, and what would they be able to get away with? Kennards Hire equipment offers a range of specialist site and security equipment to ensure:

    • You don't lose equipment or materials
    • You're ready to fire up again in the New Year with no down time
    • Your site doesn't become a safety hazard to others

    Here's what to consider:



    Temporary security fencing is your first line of defence against a light-fingered mob. You can’t stop someone who is determined to cut through security fencing, but signs of security will slow them down, and fencing makes it more difficult for them to remove tools and vehicles. Fencing, as a physical barrier, can be enough to deter would-be thieves.

    You can go with thick mesh fencing or use hoardings to hide what’s on site. Use heavy chains to secure entry gates and prevent ram raiders.


    Secure storage

    Ensure all loose equipment is locked away out of sight in a site shed or container.

    Large plant or earth moving equipment should be stowed in such a way that it’s difficult to access. Always leave boom lifts in the up position so they can’t be accessed without a key.

    Secure keys or store them off site (make sure it’s somewhere you’ll be able to recall at the end of your holiday!).

    With many building materials in short supply, it’s best to remove timber and other materials from smaller construction sites over the summer break.



    Thieves like to operate in the dark. Use light towers to illuminate your site at night and sensor lights for extra security. Kennards Hire can supply LED solar powered sensor lights with timers so you don’t waste power during the day.

    Ask the team at Kennards Hire about this LED solar powered CCTV system which can be viewed remotely. The system also incorporates sensor lights.


    Return hire equipment

    If you have hire equipment out for a lengthy period, contact your local Kennards Hire branch . They provide an “off hire” service if your work site is going to be closed for a lengthy period. They will pick up the equipment until you return – or “stand it down”, leaving it on-site but not charging you until you return to work.


    Assessing hazards

    Dangerous chemicals and equipment should always be stored securely but it’s especially important when the site is going to be empty for a few weeks. A steel shipping container makes an extra secure storage area for hazardous materials and tools.

    It’s not just thieves’ you need to worry about. Curious kids on holiday are drawn to explore construction sites. Be vigilant about site hazards such as excavations, where someone might trip and fall.

    And remember your neighbours. Tie down loose materials such as timbers and sheets of iron that could become a hazard in a storm.

    Talk to the team at your local branch of Kennards Hire about equipment to secure your work site over the summer break. And once you’ve done all that, enjoy your break!