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    Want To Boost Productivity? Time Management Tips for Tradies

    Published on 21 November 2023, Tuesday, 12:53 AM
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    You’ve planned the day’s work and assigned the tasks. It’s tight but manageable until you get a phone call. A regular client has an emergency. You need to hire an excavator, and it’ll take three of your workers to handle the job. 

    The schedule is out the door and now you to make multiple phone calls explaining the delays to your clients and family. Unfortunately no one’s happy.

    It’s a familiar squeeze for our tradies. Managing these challenges everyday under consistent pressure effects work-life balance. A proactive plan is essential to help manage your clients expectations and the well-being of your staff.

    Preparation is key. Set aside some time to think through the problems, identify the bottlenecks and put better systems in place. If you have trusted staff members, ask for their input and ideas about how the workflow can be improved as well.

    But for now, our time management tips for tradies can also help!


    10 top time management tips for tradies

    1. Delegate

    Stop trying to do everything yourself. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. You need someone who can take over when you’re not there, who has the authority and experience to make decisions.

    2. Don’t micro manage

    It’s adding to your own stress and it causes resentment in those who are being micro managed. People work best when they have a measure of autonomy. Trust your staff and give them space to do a job in their own way (within limits!). Much more satisfying for them and much less pressure on you. You might even learn something from their way of doing a job.

    3. Outsource

    Pay someone to do the jobs you’re not good at, such as bookkeeping, marketing, social media, cleaning, vehicle and equipment maintenance, debt collection, etc. You’re better off using your time to do what you can charge for.

    4. Consider hiring more staff

    Would more staff help or only add to your problems? Government subsidies are available to employ younger and older workers, apprentices and long-term unemployed. A trial period will give you and the prospective employee a chance to see if you are a good fit for each other.

    5. Communicate

    If you’re running late, phone or text your clients and explain why and when you’ll be there. Most people are reasonable – but not if they’ve been waiting around all afternoon.

    6. Follow the money trail

    A good accountant or bookkeeper can do more than file your tax or GST return. They can also help you identify potential cash flow problems and measure the cost drivers that may be hampering your business.

    7. Sync your calendars!

    Whether it’s Google or a little black diary, make sure you and your staff are all on the same page. Most email programs offer a calendar and there are plenty of other calendar apps. Set alerts for the next day and another alert for an hour before a meeting.

    8. Build relationships

    Get to know a reputable labour hire company for those occasions when you need an extra hand for special jobs or to cover for staff absences, and a reputable hire company for specialist equipment.

    9. Hire equipment

    When it comes to tools and equipment you only use occasionally, such as an excavator, mini loader or cherry picker, hiring may be a better option. It frees up capital for other more urgent uses and the hire company takes care of servicing and compliance requirements. With Kennards Hire’s After Hours Returns service you can now drop off equipment at a time that is convenient to you. Giving you more flexibility to concentrate on the job and not the clock.

    10. Hire equipment 

    At Kennards Hire, we know time is money for our trade customers. Our Trade Easy service benefits include priority delivery, express load and go, 24/7 on-site backup in the event of problems. Our Credit Account customers can also access our Trade Portal where they will have quick and easy access to rates and pricing, billing and invoicing, real time equipment availability and more.