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At Kennards Hire we don't just give you the best range of tools to get the job done - you can also hire the vehicle you need to get them to the job site.

Trailers and water carriers

There is an endless variety of objects you could wish to tow behind your car, and we have an appropriately large range of trailers you could choose from.

Some of our most popular trailer hires are equipment trailers, box trailers and furniture trailers. However, if you're moving something a little less conventional - Kennards Hire has you covered!

Covered and uncovered trailers are just the beginning, there are also horse floats, motorbike and car trailers, and big enclosed trailers for shifting all your belongings in one go!

There are also towable water carts that can hold up to 950 litres and feature a pumping mechanism - perfect for washing down job sites or even fighting fires.

If you need more than a little water for mixing cement, controlling dust or anything else you can think of, there are several water carrier options to suit your needs.

Whatever your vehicle hire needs, Kennards Hire has the solution to solve your problem. No matter how many doors, wheels or tonnes you need, there's a truck or trailer in our inventory to get the job done.

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