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Kennards Hire has an extensive range of trucks, vans, utes and tippers to suit every domestic, trade and industrial application. We don't just give you the best range of tools to get the job done - you can also hire the vehicle you need to get them to the job site.

Hiring a vehicle is all about convenience, so we make sure we have something to suit your application, whether you're moving house or literally moving houses.

Ute and van hire

Popular with couriers and furniture and appliance carriers, 1.5-tonne vans with extra height and rear "barn" doors are perfect for loading by forklift, and moving a lot of stuff. Access from the side door makes it easier to do multiple drop offs.

Other options include 1-tonne commercial vans for light cargo, and 3-tonne vans with tail lift - ideal for shifting big pieces of furniture or stacks of heavy boxes with a trolley or pallet truck.

If your job is a bit more rough and ready, a ute is probably what you are after. With all sorts of solutions available for the configuration of your work horse, there's an option for everyone.

There are manual and auto transmissions, as well as utes with crew cabs and those with two doors and longer beds for shifting material around the job site. Four wheel drive options are available for sites that have tricky off-road access, or get really chewed up by bigger machinery.

Trucks of all sorts

Kennards Hire has a premium range of trucks for hire, including table top trucks and tipper trucks that can be driven on a normal driver's licence.

If you're after a bit more grunt, or need some extra load capacity, a table top truck in the 6 to 8-tonne range should sort you out.

For versatility in truck hire options, you can't look past Kennards Hire's extensive range, including 15-tonne truck attenuators, crane trucks and tippers.

For shifting large amounts of materials, crane trucks are ideal and can be used to load and transport pallets, or long and heavy loads, like bundles of steel.

Tippers come in a wide range of sizes, depending on what you need. –Tippers are great for local builders and home DIYers for getting demolition or landscaping work done.

Tippers at 2 tonne, with standard or wide bodies can be used on normal vehicle licences and give you a greater capacity for whatever it is you're shifting. If you really need to move some dirt and you have the truck licence to do it, a 5- or 6-tonne tipper is what you're after.

Whatever your vehicle hire needs, Kennards Hire has the solution to solve your problem. No matter how many doors, wheels or tonnes you need, there's a truck or trailer in our inventory to get the job done.

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