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When you hire from the extensive range of access equipment including scissor lifts, genie lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers and more - you are guaranteed to find the unit that best suits your needs.

Even with all the construction knowledge in the world and the comprehensive toolkit to match, you can't get a job done at a significant height without the right access equipment.

There are a number of different devices designed to help you work safely and speedily above ground level. And while the specific unit you choose to hire from Kennards will depend largely on the type of project you need it for, one thing you can be certain of is that we are the people to turn to for an extensive range of access equipment suitable for any task.

Kennards Hire are experts when it comes to accessing high or awkward positions without putting your personal safety or that of your team at risk. Our top-quality equipment is the best in the business and our competitive rates mean you can get the job done properly the first time around - without breaking the budget.

Projects requiring access equipment hire with Kennards Hire

We cater to both tradies who need to get up high for ongoing work on a construction, utility or residential site and DIY enthusiasts looking to take care of some home maintenance.

For tradies, this could mean scaling the outside of commercial buildings or infrastructure, contract painting jobs or erecting and pulling down entertainment facilities such as temporary seating stands and stages.

DIY home renovators, on the other hand, might want to perform repairs to the side of a multi-storey home, trim back the branches on private trees blocking their views or install a satellite dish on the roof.

Whatever your reason for needing to get well above ground level and stay secure as you work for a potentially long period of time, Kennards is able to help you.

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