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    Above & Beyond: The Sky's the Limit with Cherry Picker Hire

    Reach new heights and unlock a world of possibilities with Kennards New Zealand cherry picker hire. When you need a safe and efficient solution for working at elevated heights, our extensive range of cherry pickers and access equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of construction businesses, maintenance crews, and event organisers. 

    Cherry pickers are invaluable for a range of projects, including construction industry jobs like installing roofing or window cleaning, lighting or camera equipment for events, pruning tall trees for landscaping, or filling the shelves in your warehouse or storage facility. Hiring a cherry picker is cost-effective - it will save you money from the outset and save on space and maintenance fees in the long run! This makes it a smart investment for short and long-term projects. 

    Complete with user-friendly controls and advanced safety features, our cherry pickers provide a stable and secure platform for working at elevated heights. We offer three types of cherry picker, or mobile hydraulic platforms, with varying platform capacity and platform height ranging from 12m to 15m. Our towable cherry picker styles are also easy to transport to any job site, making them a convenient choice for your next project.


    Cherry Pickers for Hire at Kennards New Zealand 

    At Kennards Hire New Zealand, we will help you choose the right cherry picker based on your project requirements and provide comprehensive safety instructions to ensure smooth and secure operation. Our commitment to safety and quality extends to all aspects of our business, making Kennards Hire New Zealand the trusted choice for access equipment hire. 

    For cherry picker hire in New Zealand, look no further than Kennards Hire. Our selection of cherry pickers, backed by professional advice and a focus on safety, is second to none. Take your projects to new heights seamlessly and efficiently with Kennards Hire New Zealand - your go-to choice for all your access equipment rental requirements.