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Whether you are a tradie with a big contract to fulfil or a homeowner undertaking a new DIY landscaping job, it is often necessary to use earthmoving equipment to clear any part of the land that could prevent work from being completed.

Before you can begin work on a major construction project or clear the way to upgrade your private outdoor space, it is essential to relocate any materials that are not required.

This may mean shifting existing mounds of dirt or debris to create a flat area ready to be built upon - or starting from scratch by digging up an outdoor space in order to lay important foundations, pipes and other critical structures.

Kennards Hire hires out earthmoving equipment

It is not always feasible for a DIY enthusiast or a tradie who works outdoors regularly - to own every single piece of equipment that might be required for a particular task.

Fortunately you can rely on Kennards Hire to provide the heavy duty tools you need, which helps to make carrying out major jobs cost-effective and more efficient.

We have whatever you need to dig, lift and move piles of dirt, turf, sand or any other materials from one place to another, allowing you to get the bigger parts of the project underway.

Types of earthmoving equipment required by tradies and DIY specialists

Whether you are preparing to take away a patch of lawn in order to add new features to your backyard or adjust the landscape of a large work site so that building can begin, Kennards Hire has all the tools and machinery you could possibly need for the job at hand.

At Kennards Hire we hire everything from easy-to-operate devices such as dumpers and wheelbarrows to heavy duty powered equipment such as excavators, mini loaders and skid steer loaders.

A ride-on swivel dumper, for example, is suitable for narrow access jobs in relatively confined spaces, helping you to move small amounts of earth away from tricky backyard corners or between fences and obstacles.

When a bit of extra grunt is called for, a mini loader is useful for a broad range of activities and can be easily manoeuvred as a stand-on 4-wheel-drive - ideal for moving piles of earth or even transporting other heavy pieces of equipment.

A skid steer loader is perfect for mid-range earthmoving, landscaping, levelling, loading trailers and site clean up.

Tradies might sometimes be looking to achieve bigger tasks such as creating trenches for drainage, road construction, demolition works or building renovations.

In these cases an excavator is likely to be the most appropriate device for quick and efficient earth movement.

From large-scale construction site work right down to DIY garden improvements, Kennards Hire can offer you a range of equipment to suit the task at hand.



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