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    Dig Deeper and Faster for Your Earthmoving Projects

    When digging trenches for pipelines, cables, or irrigation systems, Kennards Hire Australia offers a wide range of trenchers for hire that will get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our trenchers are designed to tackle various ground conditions, whether you need a mini bigfoot trencher for compact spaces, a general bigfoot trencher, a shift trencher, a walk-behind trencher or a track trencher for rough terrains. With our trencher hire service, you can dig deeper and faster, saving time and labour for earthmoving projects. 

    Our products include:

    • Self-propelled trenchers have their own power source and are designed to move independently. These are used for digging trenches for utility installation, irrigation systems, and landscape projects.
    • 75mm x 300mm trenchers are designed to create trenches with a width of 75mm and a depth of 300mm. It is ideal for smaller projects and narrow spaces, such as installing small irrigation lines, electrical cables, or drainage systems.
    • Ride-on trenchers are larger machines that operators can ride while performing trenching tasks. These trenchers are suitable for heavy-duty excavation and larger projects, such as laying water lines, sewer systems, or fibre optic cables. 

    You’ll also need the right trencher attachments for specialised digging tasks. Ask our staff any questions or concerns to maximise efficiency and accuracy in your earthmoving projects.


    Kennards Hire Australia Trenchers Offer Stability on Rough Terrains

    Our trenchers are the answer when your project demands stability on rough and uneven terrains. Equipped with sturdy tracks or wheels, they ensure enhanced traction and stability, enabling smooth digging even on challenging grounds. From construction sites to landscaping projects, our trenchers provide reliable trenching performance. 

    For all your trenching needs, Kennards Hire Australia has the perfect trencher for hire. Dig deeper and faster with our range of trenchers, whether a mini bigfoot trencher for compact spaces or a track trencher for rough terrains. Contact us today to explore how our trencher hire service can elevate your earthmoving projects and achieve outstanding results efficiently.