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    Elevate Your Productivity with Superior Access Equipment Hire Solutions

    When you’re working at heights, having reliable access equipment is crucial. The right equipment ensures the efficiency of your operations and guarantees your team members' safety. Kennards Hire

    New Zealand offers an extensive range of top-tier access hire solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements.
    When you’re hiring access equipment, you’ll find a diverse range, from a telescopic boom, cherry picker, and electric scissor lifts to a knuckle boom and spider lifts. With Kennards Hire New Zealand, whether you need to navigate rough terrain or reach great heights, you're guaranteed quality and efficiency if you hire access equipment with us.

    Our main access equipment hire products include:

    • Scissor Lifts: Available in sizes up to 12.2 metres for diesel and electric variants, or even higher with the 16.1 metres diesel option.
    • Mobile Hydraulic Platforms: We have 12 metres and 18 metres options available for your elevated work needs.
    • Manlifts: Reach new heights with our manlifts, available up to 9.1 metres for hire.
    • Boom Lifts: Our boom lifts are available for hire up to an impressive 20.3 metres for jobs that demand greater reach.


    Enhancing Efficiency and Safety with Kennards Access Hire

    Access machine hire is a wise business decision, saving you the substantial upfront cost of buying new equipment. Lift hire also allows you to access the latest technology and high-quality machinery without the burden of maintenance or storage. It provides flexibility, so you can access all the equipment you need when you need it, which is ideal for one-off projects or seasonal work.

    Our team is always available to chat. We can help you choose the most suitable access gear for your project, whether it’s scissor lift hire, specialised hire, or otherwise. And if you have questions about how to hire access equipment, we’re here to provide the answers.

    At Kennards Hire New Zealand, we’re access equipment hire specialists . Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures you get the most out of your hire experience, whether you’re in the construction industry or working on your own projects at home. Contact us today to discuss your access hire needs.