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    Unearth the Power of Excavators for Your Next Big Project

    Excavator hire is a vital service for anyone in need of earthmoving equipment for construction, landscaping, demolition, and excavation projects. At Kennards Hire New Zealand, we offer a diverse selection of diggers for hire, including mini excavator hire and multi-ton excavators. Our excavators are designed for easy use and maintenance, providing a reliable solution for all your earthmoving needs.

    We offer various sizes and capabilities to accommodate different applications, from excavator mini 1T machines to the much larger excavator 8T. Our range includes robust ton excavators for large-scale projects that demand substantial digging and earthmoving capacities. While our compact excavators provide the perfect solution for smaller projects or confined spaces, combining versatility and ease of use.

    By hiring an excavator, you’ll have access to the machinery you need to complete your job, without the overheads. Excavators hire also eliminates the costs tied to owning heavy equipment, such as maintenance, storage, and depreciation.


    Master the Art of Digging with Kennards Digger Hire

    Our comprehensive range of excavators ensures you will find the ideal machine tailored to your requirements. We also offer a variety of supplementary tools, including concrete tools, to enrich your excavation experience and facilitate the efficient completion of your project. Our experienced team is available to help you select the most suitable excavator and guide you through the rental process.

    Kennards Hire New Zealand is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. With strategically located branches throughout the country, our excavator hire services are easily accessible regardless of your location. Our competitive pricing structure delivers exceptional value for your investment, while our meticulously maintained fleet guarantees a dependable and secure excavation experience.

    We are the leading provider of top-quality digger hire services tailored to meet your project requirements. Whether you are engaged in construction, landscaping, or earthmoving tasks, around the home or on a construction site, our extensive selection of excavators is designed to cater to your specific needs.

    With an extensive array of diggers for hire, flexible rental arrangements, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rely on Kennards Hire New Zealand for all your excavation needs.