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    Safety and Efficiency in Lifting: Your Solution for Every Project

    Ensuring safety while maintaining efficiency is paramount on any job site, and that's where Kennards Hire New Zealand steps in. We provide an extensive range of cranes and attachments designed to enhance your lifting capabilities, making your work safer and more efficient. From construction sites to industrial settings, our cranes and attachments are designed to make light work of even the heaviest loads, ensuring your projects soar to new heights.

    • Lifting Clutch: For securing and lifting precast concrete elements with precision and reliability, lifting clutches are indispensable on construction sites.
    • Concrete Kibble: When it's time to transport and pour concrete with accuracy and efficiency, concrete kibbles are the go-to solution for delivering concrete right where you need it.
    • Brick and Block Cage: Designed for the construction industry, brick and block cages are ideal for safely and securely transporting bricks and blocks to various levels of your project.
    • Spreader Beam: Ensure the even distribution of weight and maintain load stability with spreader beams, a critical tool for heavy lifting.
    • Pallet Hooks: When handling pallets of materials, pallet hooks provide a reliable and safe way to lift and move heavy loads with ease.
    • 4 Man Cage: For accessing elevated work areas, a spacious 4 man cage ensures safety and comfort for your team while working at heights.
    • Block Grab: Precision and control are at your fingertips with block grabs, perfect for lifting and positioning blocks or other materials.
    • Vacuum Lifter Pad: When it comes to lifting non-porous materials such as glass or stone, vacuum lifter pads offer a secure and efficient solution.


    Kennards Hire Crane and Attachment Solutions

    Our cranes and attachments for hire provide the precision and control needed for lifting and positioning heavy materials, ensuring your projects stay on track. Safety is our priority, which is why we ensure any equipment we hire undergoes strict maintenance and inspections to meet the highest safety standards.

    Whether you're constructing, renovating, or managing an industrial project, our cranes and attachments provide the essential support you need. Hire a crane online or contact our team if you have any questions.