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Lifting & Materials Handling

Everyone from mechanics to builders comes across a job that’s just too big to move by hand. Whatever your load-bearing or heavy lifting need is, Kennards Hire has an extensive range of equipment to make your material handling solution safe, easy and productive.

Whether you're dealing with heavy or awkward materials on a construction site, mining location, private residence or anywhere else, it couldn't hurt to make the job a little easier. Every job that requires moving heavy, awkward or oversized materials or equipment has a solution at Kennards Hire.

Lift it!

Whether you need an engine hoist, or you're talking serious construction applications we have everything covered for cranes “below the hook”. Trucks with rear-mounted cranes and even utes with side-mounted cranes are available for hire.

If you're assembly line or building site needs a boost in productivity, a gantry crane may be exactly what you need to save hours of labour. Gantries are ideal for shifting that are too heavy to lift by hand, and with a massive range of block and tackle options, you'll be able to get exactly what you need out of your gantry hire.

Hoist it!

Hoists and winches aren't only useful on gantries, and see widespread use across any industrial, construction or fabrication application. Chain blocks or lever blocks can elevate heavy jobs so that you can weld underneath, or they can be used to help move bundles of steel section from one end of the shop to another.

Handle it!

If you're moving heavy or fragile objects, you need all the hands you can get - although in this case, no hands at all might be a better option. A stair robot can take up to a one-tonne load up stairs, and you don't have to break a sweat.

If you move glass or are a glazier, you know all about heavy and fragile. For high-rise buildings and other construction sites with a lot of heavy panes of industrial-strength glass, consider a 12V glass lifter. Able to lift, tilt and rotate incredibly large sheets, these are a lifesaver.

For more manoeuvrable glass handling applications, a mobile glass lifter is what you're after. With self-propelled units ranging from 350kg to 900kg, you're bound to find a solution to suit your needs. If you're doing a smaller job, grab a trolley and some glass clamps to work by hand.

With just about every sort of ramp, skate, trolley and conveyor known to man, you local Kennards Hire has what you need to get material from point A to B.

Torque it!

Kennards Hire stocks a comprehensive range of devices specifically designed to help you lift materials of any size and shape - and for any purpose.

For the most versatile in material handling solutions, it's hard to look past hydraulic tools. With puller rams, rebar benders, spreaders, bearing presses and pullers and much more, there is an endless list of jobs that could benefit from some hydraulic help.

Ideal in construction and demolition applications, hydraulic tools like nut splitters and hole punches make it easier than you could imagine to remove stubborn nuts or cut holes through mild and stainless steel. Hydra wedges are great for lifting up heavy objects when there is only 5mm of access - lifting up to 60 tonnes and allowing bigger cranes or machinery to get purchase.

Haul it!

Cable pulling is another intense job that could use a bit of machinery muscle get things done on time. There is a whole range of capstan winches available from small 11HP petrol hydraulic options, all the way through to 6.5-tonne winches that log data and report on activity.

Whether you're pulling fibre optic cables through trenches or rigging equipment to girders on the 25th floor, there is a huge range of equipment available to you at Kennards Hire.

We’ve got it!
If you are not 100 per cent confident with how to go about the process, why not discuss your project with the Kennards Hire  team? We can recommend which units you are going to need and offer some handy tips on how to perform the task safely.

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