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    Heading Underground: New Service Locator from Kennards Hire Test & Measure

    Published on 12 March 2015, Thursday, 2:17 PM

    Unexpectedly hitting and puncturing underground services when excavating can instantly shut down a project site resulting in lost productivity, injury to personnel and costly repairs that substantially reduce profit. To eliminate the risk of damaging underground lines, Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced the Service Locator into their expansive portfolio of specialist equipment.

    “The Service Locator uses the latest in digital signal processing to pinpoint the exact position, route and depth of pipes,” explained Leo De Sousa, Branch Manager of Kennards Hire Test & Measure East Brisbane.

    “It’s designed to detect, identify and trace specific sub-surface pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas and difficult environments,” he said. “The Service Locator is also capable of locating smaller diameter (20mm dia.) copper services.”

    Through the use of a Traceable Copper Rod, also available from Kennards Hire Test & Measure and used in conjunction with the Service Locator, users are able to track PVC pipe. This is achieved by placing the rod through the pipe and putting a frequency into the copper line, allowing it to be traced the same as any other service.

    Weighing just 2.6kg (incl. batteries) the light weight Service Locator has been designed as a ‘get-and-go’ piece of equipment. Its durability and robust design ensures onsite reliability and accuracy, making it an essential tool and the ideal choice for a diverse range of industries. These include commercial developers and civil construction, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications, DYI and Utilities services such as water and sewer maintenance works.

    The range of operating frequencies and adjustable power output is designed to make the Service Locator an extremely versatile pipe and cable locator. Simple functionalities such as the Push Button Depth Measurement and Signal Current Measurement combined with a digital display with automatic backlight, sensitivity control and four position mode switch allow users of other pipe detection equipment to easily adapt to the Service Locator and benefit from its higher performance capabilities.

    “The combination of location modes, including the new AllScan mode, provides precise information regarding the position and depth of underground services. Making the Service Locator the most versatile of locators,” said Leo.

    “This innovative AllScan Mode with controllable sensitivity is invaluable to surveyors when conducting a complete site survey. It allows a search in all frequencies in the range of 50Hz to 33kHz, even detecting signals missed by other conventional search modes,” he added.

    In addition to the Traceable Copper Rod, another accessory available for use with the Service Locator from Kennards Hire Test & Measure is an A-Frame, for finding sheath faults in power lines.

    As well as the new Service Locator, Kennards Hire Test & Measure has an extensive range of highly sensitive testing equipment. This includes concrete cover meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, vacuum test kits, hydrostatic test pumps, anchor testers and non-invasive smoke machines. There is also a wide array of hand-held devices available. For the complete range visit


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